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Rockumentary - Episode#1

This is the 1st documentary of the Sex Drugs And HIV project. including;- Mat Sargent, Dave Goodman, Max Splodge, Honest John Plain, Darrell Bath, Noel Hendrick, Nicky Forbes, Steve Whitehouse, Paul Fenech, Boz Boorer, Johnny Patto, Stuart Osbourne.

Video/Track  11

Rockumentary - Trailer

Sex Drugs & HIV - Movie Rockumentary, released late 2012. Almost two decades in the making by Mat Sargent & a host of Rock n Roll artists. Not to be missed!!!

Album 1

Video montage of Album 1

Album 2

Video montage of Album 2

Out-take track from the Sex, Drugs'n'HIV album featuring, 
Mat Sargent - Vocals - Sham 69 / Chelsea / Splodge
Monique Maasen - Vocals- B Bang Cider / The Beatlesons
Leo Smee - Bass - Cathedral / Firebird / Chrome Hoof
Kelly Johnson - Guitar - Girlschool / Diamond Claw
Mary Ritchie - Guitar - B Bang Cider
Vom Ritchie - Drums - Dr & The Medics / Die Toten Hosen / The Boys

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Promo Video

We have put together a 13 minute promotional video all about the Sex, Drugs and HIV Project. Featuring some fantastic footage, and the lowdown on why we are doing it and who we are doing it for, please take some time to check it out. If you would like to watch, please click here, and then consider donating to the project.

If you would like to link to this video, which we would really appreciate, please link to this page directly!

No Fun Here - Episode#2 excerpt

Be Gentle - Episode#5 excerpt

Max Splodge (Uriah Heep Story) - Episode#10 excerpt

Only Myself to Blame - Episode#26 excerpt